09. März 2024

AGCW QRP Contest

14:00-20:00 UTC

15:00-21:00 MEZ

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  • AGCW + QRP cluster spots

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    Both uploads open from 09-Mar 14:00 UTC until 31-Mar 24:00 UTC

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    New from 2023

    Contest manager: DK3DUA
    Log submission now via upload, no longer by e-mail.
    Upload of your contest pictures possible.
    Choose year above to see uploaded logs, soapbox, pictures, claimed scores, final scores.
    N1MM+ UDC (UserDefinedContest) and CHF (CallHistoryFile) available.
    Contest specific cluster spot page.
    Wer einen Fehler in seinem Log entdeckt, lädt das korrigierte Log einfach erneut hoch. Die alten Daten werden überschrieben.
    If you find a mistake in your log, simply re-upload your corrected log. The old data will be overwritten.

AGCW QRP Contest
last update: 03.03.2023 (DK3DUA)

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